Service Description

The service "WiFi" provides the university-wide WiFi infrastructure.

The WiFi networks are created by access points. "eduroam" is available for employees, students and members of other organisations participating in the "eduroam"-program. "RWTH-guests" provides wireless internet access for guests. The access points are connected to the central WiFi infrastructure by a dedicated network inside the RWTH network; custom solutions are also possible.

The connection to "eduroam" (Education Roaming) additionally provides access to the network in other institutions and universities and vice versa (


At the moment there are "eduroam" for employees, students and members of other institutions participating in the "eduroam" program and "RWTH-guests" for other guests.

eduroamDefault SSID for RWTH members and users of other eduroam institutions

SSID or IoT-devices (Internet of Things). These will be authorized per PSK (PreSharedKey) mechanism.
Test installation (01/2018)


Default SSID for guests of the university

WiFi overview




 Overview hardware
  • 2x Cisco 8540 WLC (Wireless LAN Controller) in HA Cluster (direct 1:1 redundancy)
  • 2x Cisco 6500 Wireless LAN Service Modul (WISM2)
  • 1750 x Cisco Accesspoint Series
    • 3800
    • 3700
    • 2600/3600
    • 3500
    • 1530
    • 1815
    • 600 (out of support)
    • 1550 (out of support)
    • 1140 (out of support)
    • 1250 (out of support)
    • 1230/1240 (out of support)