eduroam provides encrypted access to the RWTH wireless network. Furthermore, the eduroam access can also be used on other research facilities worldwide which operate with the eduroam network. VPN is not required when using one of these networks. If possible, eduroam should be the first choice when using the wireless network within the RWTH area.

Upon account activation every student or RWTH staff member will receive a WLAN/VPN account. The WLAN/VPN account entitles the user to connect to the eduroam network.


In order to connect to eduroam the three certificates must be installed on your computer or mobile system.

Further manuals and help can be found at our TreMoGe (Treffpunkt für mobile Geräte) site.

Installer for common operating systems


You can also download the DFN CAT installer for Windows, Linux, macOS and iOS which is available on the DFN-Webseite.

Information in this wiki




Users are encouraged to use eduroam. Protection of user data against unauthorized access can only be guaranteed while using the eduroam network.

RWTH guests can use the SSID RWTH-guests.

If they own a Guest account which can be applied for by their respective hosts. The user data is queried in this network.

  1. Upon network connection an IP address will be assigned by the DHCP.
  2. Use a browser of your choice.
  3. You will be automatically redirected to the login page.
  4. Please enter the login data provided by your host.


Warning: insecure Datatraffic


With or without authentication, all data traffic is unencrypted if it does not use encrypted protocols. So do not establish unencrypted connections with personal data (e.g. POP3 to the mail server), because these can be read by third parties in the WLAN.