Sense & Purpose

The RWTH Wi-Fi guest account allows people, who do not belong to the RWTH, to access the Wi-Fi connection and the internet at short notice.


  1. Longer-term accounts can be generated for individual guests via the RWTH Partner System.
    Subsequently, Wi-Fi can be accessed.
  2. Persons who are domiciled at an institution that is already integrated into the Wi-Fi access do not require a guest account.





Guestaccess without credentials



  • First access each day will be granted for 8 hours.
  • extensions are valid on hourly basis.
  • when timeout is reached, the user has to click "activate access" again
  • client will be excluded when excessive usage is detected (after some days).










Quick access for guests of RWTH employees

What do hosts have to do?

In the role of hosts, admins, institute owners or persons in charge of conferences (employees of the RWTH Aachen) can apply for one or more accounts for guests or conference participants at the RWTH.
Hosts need their RWTH Single Sign-On ID from the identity-management that any employee possesses. If you should not be aware that you have this ID or you forgot your password, you can set a new password in the RWTH Selfservice.
With the RWTH Single Sign-On ID you log on to the guest management system (see link at the end of this document). Then you create a guest account by specifying a time frame, purpose and desired login. Passwords are generated according to the useful life. If you are known as an employee of the university, your applications will be approved automatically.

Access for your guest(s)

  • connect with WLAN RWTH-guests.
  • your webbrowser should be redirected to
  • read the terms of service.
  • use the guest login provided by your host in the "RWTH guest login" frame.
  • accept the terms of service by clicking "Register as RWTH guest"

Duty of Disclosure

As host you have the duty to provide the IT Center with contact information of your guests on request in case of possible disturbances, malfunctions or misuse of the network resources of RWTH Aachen University.

Apply for a guest account

Guest accounts can be applied for at the Guest-Management-System.