eduroam is a registered trademark of TERENA. RWTH Aachen University is independent of TERENA.

New WiFi Device Managament at the RWTH Aachen!


In order to make the WiFi access at the RWTH safer, the IT Center has created an application called "eduroam device manager". This allows RWTH members to create seperate eduroam credentials for each of their WLAN devices.To do so visit This offers not only higher password security but also protection against data abuse. In case you lose one of your WLAN devices, you can use the link above to delete the eduroam credentials for this device.


The WLAN SSID "eduroam" is available at many research facilities worldwide. This means, if you have configured your WLAN device to use eduroam at the RWTH, you will be able to use this device, without any reconfiguration, at all other universities that also offer "eduroam". Your device is "allowed" (authenticated) into the eduroam network by your home university (

Using eduroam at the RWTH

RWTH members use the SSID "eduroam" according to the installation manuals.

Additionally to the eduroam WiFi it is possible to use eduroam via network socket at certain locations.

All RWTH members get IP addresses in the range:

  • ( -,
  • or ( -

Non RWTH eduroam users get IP addresses in the range:

  • ( -

Using eduroam at external locations

RWTH members visiting other eduroam location can use that WLAN network as usual , that is without reconfiguring their devices.

Participating eduroam locations can be found on the global or German Karte.

Authentication in eduroam is always carried out by the home institution, that is your RWTH eduroam credentials are sent over an encrypted channel from your host institution to the RWTH. 


Authentication errors, especially those concerning the RADIUS certificate, could indicate a man-in-the-middle attack on your user data. Please contact the local network adminstrator immediately.

You receive an IP address in the host institution's IP address space.  

Although you get an encrypted connection between your device and the WLAN Access Point in eduroam, you can never know if the connection stays encrypted over then next hops to your destination. Therefore we strongly encourage you to configure your applications to use encryption at higher protocol levels, e.g. IMAP/TLS for emails or HTTPS for your surfing, in order to protect your personal data. If you still feel insecure or require an RWTH IP address, then you can use Virtual Private Networking (VPN) to


If you experience problems with eduroam at the host instituion, your first line of contact should be the local network administrators.

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