eduroam is a registered trademark of TERENA. RWTH Aachen University is independent of TERENA.

New WiFi Device Managament at the RWTH Aachen!


In order to make the WiFi access safer and to allow users to manage individual devices, the IT Center developed a new device authentication. As of now you can set up secure and individual access data for each of your WiFi-enabled devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets at the following link This new authentication offers not only a higher password security but also protection from data abuse: In the event of loss of a device, the set up access date can be removed at the Selfservice of the RWTH Aachen under the menu item "Devices (OAuth)".


"eduroam" provides worldwide WiFi. Information about participating institutes can be found at
Using eduroam, RWTH members can connect to the WiFi at these locations as usual. Equally, the eduroam connections at the RWTH are usable by members of other participating institutes. The login is done using the ID of the user's home institution.
By connecting the 802.1X authenticated WiFi of the RWTH to DFNRoaming (Roaming of the German Research Network) in early 2007, the RWTH WiFi became a participator of eduroam.

Using eduroam at the RWTH

RWTH members use the SSID "eduroam" according to the installation manuals.

Guests who can use eduroam at their home institutions can use their login data at the eduroam network of the RWTH.

Additionally to the eduroam WiFi it is possible to use eduroam via network socket at some locations.

All members get IP addresses of the range of the RWTH: ( -, and ( -
Members of RWTH-external institutions get IP addresses of the range: ( -


The use of eduroam and RWTH VPN within the RWTH wifi is not necessary.

Using eduroam at external locations

In general, RWTH memers who are at an external location where 'eduroam' is found, can make use of it. Corresponding eduroam locations can be found on the global or German Karte.

As user data you use the same data that you use at the RWTH. The authentication is encrypted, so as to prevent tapping of your user data in the host network.


Error, especially concerning the certificate validation process, indicate an attack on your user data. Please contact the local network admin immediately.

You receive an IP address from the area of the respective host institution.  

It is also possible that after the authentication your communication via wifi will be encrypted. Please inform yourself on site. If you feel insecure or require an RWTH IP address, additionally use the Virtual Private Networking (VPN).

In the event of faults or connection problems, the admins of the external institution may primarily assist you.

WLAN for guests