Step 1: eduroam Gerätemanger - How do I handle it?

To connect to the eduroam, you need an eduroam Device Manager Identifier (EGM). Below you will find instructions on how to use the eduroam device manager:


Create eduroam device manager identifier (EGM)

Manage/Delete eduroam Device Manager Device Identifier (EGM)

Further information about the eduroam Device Manager

Step 2: Configuring eduroam - How do I connect?

There are various ways to configure the eduroam WLAN on a device.

Among other things, this depends on your type of device and the operating system you are using.


We recommend automated configuration using the eduroam CAT App or, under macOS/iOS devices, configuration using the eduroam CAT Profile.

The required certificates and the settings to be made are automatically made for you by the eduroam CAT App or the eduroam CAT Profile.

For Android and various Unix distributions, we recommend configuration using the EAP method "EAP-PWD". With this configuration it is no longer necessary to install a corresponding certificate on the end device:


Best Practice Guides (automated configuration)


If you still prefer a manual configuration of your mobile device, the following table will take you to the corresponding instructions:


eduroam Android

eduroam macOS und iOS

eduroam Windows

eduroam Linux/Ubuntu







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