Step 1: Installing certificates

Make sure that the following three certificates has been installed on your Computer. If this is not the case, please connect to the RWTH-guests-network and start the browser.

Step 2: Enter configuration

Disconnect from ”RWTH-guests” and connect to the WLAN network of your institute.

Enter your user information and click on "OK":


Identity: (for example:
Password: Your WLAN-Password

Benutzerdaten eingeben

Step 3: Confirm root CA

Select ”connect” as the following window appears (Make sure the ”T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2” certificate is selected as root certificate).

Stammzertifizierungsstelle bestätigen

Step 4: View connection properties


Windows 8.1


Navigate to the Network Connections in the Control Panel, select the WiFi adapter and click View status of the connection.

Then click on wireless properties and go to step five.

Right click on the WLAN network of your institute to select the connection properties.  


Step 5: Check the settings

Select ”Security” and check if the following settings are correct:

Security type: WPA2-Enterprise

Encryption type: AES

Method for network authentication: Microsoft: EAP-TTLS

Then click on Settings.

Einstellungen überprüfen

Step 6: Choose authentification method

At first remove the checkmark for the identity protection.

Enter the following servers separated by semicolons at "Connect to these servers":;;;

Set the checkmark for the ”T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2” certificate.

Choose ”secured password” (EAP-MSCHAP v2) as authentification method. Then click on Configure.


Step 7: Disable automatic choice of user data

Uncheck the given option. And press ”ok” twice to return to ”security” options. Choose now advanced configuration.

MSCHAPv2 Eigenschaften

Step 8: Configure advanced configuration

Select ”User Authentication” and save your credentials.

Erweiterte Einstellungen

Step 9: Enter user data

Finally, enter your login data (see Step 2: Setting up user data). Now, the connection with the WLAN network of your institute should work .

Benutzerdaten eingeben