The Lehr- und Lernportal (L²P) der RWTH Aachen (teaching and study portal L²P of the RWTH Aachen) allows the lecturers to offer virtual course rooms for every of their CAMPUS events. A course room is a protected online-area which facilitates the management of the courses. L2P collects any information on central place and offers in addition diverse options to realise modern blended learning and teaching sceneries and to support the students best possible.

With L2P you can

  • administrate appointments and participants of a course
  • free up legally presentations, scripts, extractions of literature, videos and many digital learning materials more
  • communicate information concerning the course
  • offer electronic test for selflearning and more digital practising formats
  • administrate transparently the results of practises and exams


To offer a sustained running process of the central and university-wide teaching- and learningplatform, the IT Center cooperates with the Center for Innovative Learning Technologies (CiL). The CiL is responsable both for the needs assessment, the conception and the prototype development of software components of the L2P platform and the professional training, offers of advise and coordination of support. The IT Center takes care of the development and connection of the software components to the CAMPUS-Informationssystem and the Identity Management of the university provides a sustained technical running.


The login to the Lern- und Lehrportal L²P is realised with the help of the username (format: ab123456) and the passwort for the account Lehr- und Lernportal L²P which can be managed or changed in the Selfservice ("accounts and passwords")

All persons who are listed as teachers for the course under "Dozent" are automatically logged in with the function of "Manager" when creating a learning room. Herefore the TIM-CAMPUS-Kopplung of the employee data is necessary.


Help & instructions

You find information, instructions and advices concerning the use of L2P on the FAQ of L2P , the instruction pages of the platform and within L2P under the help area for the individual available modules.


E-mail of contact

Every person using the teaching- and learningplatform L2P is automatically assigned to an e-mail-address. This address is taken from the Identity Management of RWTH. The choice of the e-mail depends on the status of the person of RWTH. The choice of the e-mails used for L2P is done according to the following principle:

studentsRWTH-address (e.g.:
  • with TIM-CAMPUS-connection: institutional address
  • without TIM-CAMPUS-connection: e-mail of contact taken from Selfservice
external persons/guests

e-mail of contact taken from Selfservice

candidate for doctorate
  • with TIM-CAMPUS-connection: institutional address
  • without TIM-CAMPUS-connection: RWTH-address