Synchronization delay between ConnectMe and registrar's office data


It can take up to 2 days until all your accounts are set up and your personal data has been synchronised with the databank of the Human Resources Department. Only after completion you will gain the status "employee".

Verzögerung bei der Übernahme persönlicher Daten.


The procedure is the same for all members of the UKA. Only persons directly related to the faculty will obtain the status "employee".

Redeeming the Coupon Code - Employees

As employee of the RWTH Aachen University you can register autonomously in the Identity Management. If you have already registered, you can link your status "employee" with your existing registration.

This manual describes the procedure. A coupon code is required for the registration and linkage of your data. It can be found in the letter you received from the Human Resources Department. If you do not have the coupon code, please contact the Human Resources Department.

Please redeem the coupon under


There are two options here: Login with your username (if already existing) (option 1) or register (option 2).




If you are not certain whether you already have a username (format: ab123456) or not, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk or use the IdM PasswordReset.

You already have a username, if you were a student or employee at RWTH Aachen University before (e.g. participation in language courses and pre-courses, L2P invitations)

Option 1: Login

Please enter your username and your password.

Confirm User Name

Please confirm your username shown in bold (in this example nn123456).

Process completed & your credentials

You have registered successfully in the IdentityManagement. The status employee will soon connected to your data.

Option 2: Register

As user of the services of RWTH Aachen University you are obliged to obey the rules of the network code of conduct. Please agree to the network code of conduct and enter an e-mail address. This e-mail address will be used as your contact e-mail address from now on. You can change your contact e-mail address in the Selfservice at any time.

Enter Verification Code

A verification code will be sent to your new registered contact e-mail address.

 Example of an e-mail with a verification code
Dear Mr. Newton,

you receive this e-mail because you specified this address while using "ConnectMe - Employees" of RWTH Aachen University.

Your verification code is:  54AB9C
Please enter this verification code in "ConnectMe - Employees".

Kind regards
Your IT Center, RWTH Aachen University


Process completed & your credentials

You have registered successfully in the Identity Management. The status employee will soon connected to your data. Your access data consist of your username and password.

Note down your username and password carefully! Please treat your access data confidentially and do not pass them to a third party. The procedure was completed.

Your Accounts

"Your Accounts" lists all accounts that will be setup for you. After completion you will be informed via mail at your contact-mail-address and are able to set passwords for thiose accounts. This can take up to 2 days.

 E-mail example

the following accounts are available for the username nn123456:

- RWTH Single Sign-On

Please set passwords for these accounts using the Selfservice:

You received your Selfservice (Login using RWTH Single Sign On) credentials during your first ConnectMe registration.

If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact the IT-ServiceDesk.

Kind regards
Your IT Center, RWTH Aachen University

Close the process by clicking "finish".