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General information

The university library offers an overview of all departmental libraries of the RWTH Aachen University. Formerly the library entries were maintained centrally and in larger temporal intervals, which is why the directory was not always up-to-date. A continuous online actualization is now possible since the maintenance function has been integrated into the CAMPUS organization directory and updates can be performed decentrally by the respective institutions.

Integration in the CAMPUS organization directory

The maintenance function for the library guide is an extension of the CAMPUS organization directory that enables your institution to update your library's data in the university-wide library directory online.

This has the following essential advantages:

  • You can update and correct specific data of your library on your own and at any time.
  • The integration into the CAMPUS organization directory guarantees consistent, up-to-date address and contact information of the institution and contacts rendering a double data maintenance redundant.
  • New identification is not required because the maintenance of the library data is integrated into the CAMPUS information system as a new function of the existing role "Organisationseinheit" (organization unit).

The functions required for the maintenace of library data are available via a new entry in the left-hand navigation bar of the role "Organisationseinheit": "Bibliotheksangaben" (library data).



Log in to the page CAMPUS - Login for employees using the user name and password for the role "Organisationseinheit" and switch to the editing page of your library by clicking the link "Bibliotheksangaben" (library data). Here all of the departmental library's specific data are displayed and you have the possibility of changing them as well as updating the library address or contacts.

Library address and its assignment

A functional/ room address which contains all the contact data of the library is used as library address. The library address should be assigned as follows:

  • If your organization unit on CAMPUS is a library itself, the central address will be used as library address.
  • All other organization units need to use a functional/room address which contains all the contact data of the library as library address.

Please check the assigned address and if necessary assign a new one using the button "Zuordnung ändern" (change assignment).

If no library address can be found in the list of functional/room addresses you will have to add a new library address to your organization unit. To do so, plese click the link "Eigene Organisationseinheit" (my organization unit) and select 'Neu hinzufügen: Raumadresse' (Add new: room address) to be directed to the form "Neue Funktions-/Raumadresse" (new functional/room address). Enter your library's contact data here.

The newly registered functional/room address will now be displayed in the selection list (Fig. 2) and can be assigned as library address to your organization unit. Assignments of employees and all other specific library data remain unchanged.

Updating  managers/contact persons

Information on the managers of the library and contact persons are directly updated from the organization directory. You only have to assign the head and the contacts once to the respective entry in the organization directory. You can access a list of all address entries of your organization unit from the organization directory via the link 'Ändern' (change). Now you can select persons as head or contact. Finish the process by clicking the button 'Ändern' (change).


Updating library data

The link 'Ändern' (change) below the library data directs you to a form that enables you to make changes to the specific library data yourself.  Confirm your changes by clicking 'Speichern' (save). The university library is informed automatically about all changes via e-mail.