You can save favorites on your homepage so that you can quickly  get to your most used functions. Via the menu bar you can access everything RWTHApp has to offer.

Use the news function to be up to date - you can choose where to get your information from in the news settings.


            RWTHApp newsfeed


In the study section you find your timetable and your overview of grades. You can search for events or study rooms as well as Student Assistant job offers and research papers. You can also access your RWTHmoodle study rooms.


RWTHApp search for events      RWTHApp L²P eLearning      RWTHApp schedule


Using channels for Directfeedback enables you to ask questions during a lecture or other events. You can send messages, upload photos or participate in surveys.

Your entries are anonymous and can only be seen by the lecturer and you.


RWTHApp directfeedback chat            RWTHApp directfeedback survey


Quiz2Go of RWTHApp enables you to quiz yourself conveniently while you are on the road. Test results are instantly available and can be compared to other users.


            RWTHApp Quizz2Go list of eTests


In the facilities section you can access your account at the university library, canteen menus or search for staff and rooms.

If you have any technical problems concerning IT services at RWTH University  feel free to contact support via the private chat.


RWTHApp university library account      RWTHApp cafeteria menu      RWTHApp search for room