Software installation

  1. Installation / Update of msysgit (see
  2. Installation / Update of ruby (see
  3. Installation of svn2git in Windows command line (cmd):

Actual Migration

Create a file named authors.txt with content in the following format:



Start a git console (to be found in C:\Program Files\Git\git-cmd.exe), in it type:

For more command line options of svn2git consult
If the SVN repository is constructed without tags, branches, trunks and data gets pushed directly into the main directory, the following parameters have to be used:

There is parameter called --rootistrunk, but it shouldn't be used currently because it's broken.
After checking out the SVN repository as described above, it is in the git format already and can be pushed as is into Gitlab (there has to be an empty repository created in Gitlab first of course, see Adding the Project to GitLab).

If a subdirectory has been used as trunk and should be used as a separate GitLab project, the following parameters will help:

If the subdirectory in the SVN repository appears only after a certain revision, the parameter "–revision X" can be used.

Adding the project to GitLab

To finish, the project data has to be added to GitLab. Therefore, a project has to be created (if it is to be used by more than one person, you should consider to create it in the context of a group which has to be created as well). To add the data, the following commands are necessary:

The <url> can be in SSH or HTTPS format (see project overview page in GitLab).