The IT Center offers software manuals (ebooks and printed editions) at fair rates.
The handbooks can be acquired upon presentation of student or staff IDs at the IT-ServiceDesk in Seffenter Weg 23 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. and in Wendlingweg 10 from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. You can also take a look at the manuals prior to purchase.

Institutes can pay the handbooks by direct transfer. For this option please bring the signed and stamped form.

"Rosa Auftragsscheine" (Pink Order Form)


It is no longer possible to pay for handbooks with a "Rosa Auftragsschein".


Through our RRZN mailing list you can get latest news about new handbooks, availability or order plans, so that you can share your handbook wishes in advance.

Handbooks are only sold to RWTH affiliates (students and employees) for private use. Distribution to other groups outside the RWTH (schools, companies, private persons...) is strictly prohibited.

Please note that the list below is not updated on a daily basis. We recommend to call 0241-80-24680 beforehand to ensure the availability of the handbook you want to purchase.


To purchase an ebook you must pay the desired ebook in cash at one of the IT-SericeDesk offices. Upon paying you will get a download link and a code as well as a QR-code that will allow you to download the purchased ebooks.

Each ebook is booked for the RWTH Aachen under your name.

As long as the ebook has not been downloaded, it is possible to cancel the order at the IT-ServiceDesk within 28 days after the purchase.

If you confirm the long-term data storage during the download process, you will be able to download the handbook again within the next two years. In the other case your data will be deleted in 24 hours after the download and a new download will not be possible anymore.

The following table contains a list of handbooks available as printed editions. A list of available ebooks can be found here: https://www.luis.uni-hannover.de/e-books.html

Printed editions

ACCESS 2010 Automatiesierung und Programmierung2.6,00 €
ACCESS 2010  Anwender 2.5,40 €
ACCESS 2010 Grundlagen für Datenbankentwickler2.6,00 €
ACCESS 2013 Anwender1.5,50 €
Acrobat 8 PDF-Dateien erstellen und publizieren2.6,40 €
AutoCAD 2014 Fortgeschrittene1.7,00 €
Bildbearbeitung Grundlagen2.3,50 €
C # Einführung5.5,70 €
C- Ein Nachschlagewerk17.3,70 €
C-Programmierung Einführung5.6,30 €
C-Programmierung Einführung6.6,30 €
CSS Level 38.6,40 €
Datensicherheit1.6,00 €
Excel 2010 Fortgeschrittene2.5,50 €
Excel 2010 Statistik2.4,00 €
InDesign CC1.7,00 €
InDesign CS2 Grundlagen1.7,00 €
Inventor 2013 Grundlagen1.6,90 €
Java Fortgeschrittene Techiken und APIs (2. Band)2.5,00 €
Java Grundlagen und Einführung9.5,50 €
Java Grundlagen und Einführung10.5,50 €
Java 6 Fortgeschrittene Techniken & APIs (2.Band)1.5,00 €
Java 6 Grundlagen und Einführung (1. Band)7.4,00 €
LabVIEW Grundlagen1.5,60 €
LabVIEW Grundlagen3.5,60 €
LaTex10.5,80 €
Mathematica1.4,80 €
MatLab/Simulink4.6,30 €
Netzwerke Grundlagen6.6,00 €
Netzwerke Grundlagen8.6,00 €
Netzwerke IPv6 Internet Protocol Version 61.5,90 €
Netzwerke Sicherheit5.6,40 €
Objector Softwareentwurf mit UML1.6,80 €
Office 2010 im Büroalltag2.6,10 €
Outlook 20103.5,80 €
Outlook 20131.5,90 €
PC-Technik Grundlagen5.6,30 €
PHP Grundlagen10.5,50 €
PHP 5 Fortgeschrittene4.6,20 €
PowerPoint 2013 Fortgeschrittene1.4,20 €
SPSS für Fortgeschrittene 7.5,30 €
SPSS für Fortgeschrittene 10.5,30 €
SPSS Grundlagen Version 1917.4,20 €
Statistik mit R3.4,90 €
SuSE Linux 11.0 Oss Systembetreuer1.6,20 €
UNIX21.4,60 €
Windows 7 Grundlagen1.5,80 €
Windows 7 Grundlagen2.5,80 €
Windows 7 Systembetreuer3.6,50 €
Windows 8 Grundlagen1.5,50 €
Windows 8 Systembetreuer Workstation1.6,30 €
Windows Server 2008 Netzwekadministration I1.6,00 €
Windows Server 2008 R2 Administration1.6,40 €
Windows Server 2012 Administration1.6,50 €
Windows Server 2012 Administration 21.6,30 €
Windows Server 2012 Aufbau und Verwaltung1.6,50 €
Word 2013 Serienbrief1.4,80 €
XML Grundlagen9.6,30 €

You can purchase certain handbooks at a price of 1€. More than that, if you purchase 3 handbooks, the 4th will be free of charge.

The handbook sale takes place at the office building Seffenter Weg 23 during the office hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The following list contains the handbooks available for purchase.

Access 2007Grundlagen für Datenbankentwickler
Access 2010Automatisierung und Programmmierung
AutoCAD 2006Grundlagen
AutoCAD 20062D-Aufbaukursus
AutoCAD 20063D Konstuktionen
AutoCAD 2014Fortgeschrittene Techniken
AutoCAD 2008Grundlagen
Einführung EDVWindows XP/ Office 2003
Inventor 10Grundlagen
openSUSE-KDE 4.1Grundlagen
Outlook 2007 
PowerPoint 2010Fortgeschrittene
PowerPoint 2010Grundlagen
PowerPoint 2013Grundlagen
Project 2007 
Project 2010 
Project 2013 
SPSSfür Fortgeschrittene
Umstieg auf Windows 7Und Office 2010
Visio 2010 
Visio 2013 
Windows 7Systembetreuer
Windows 7Systembetreuer
Windows Server 2008Netzwerk Aufbau und Verwaltung
Windows Server 2008Netzwerkadministration I
Windows Server 2008 R2Administration
Windows Server 2008 R2Aufbau und Verwaltung
Windows VistaSystembetreuer
Windows VistaGrundlagen
Word 2007Serienbriefe
Word 2007Fortgeschrittene Techniken
Word 2010Serienbriefe
Word 2013Serienbriefe

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