Background information (TIM-CAMPUS-Link)

To be able to offer an extended support for members of RWTH Aachen University, the organization directory and the Identity Management (former TIM user administration) have been linked. This combines the public data of an employee in the organization directory with

  • the information about their roles in CAMPUS and
  • their accounts in the Identity Management.

Additional information will not be recorded.

 Advantages for employees of RWTH Aachen University:

  • If you are in need of support, you will only have to state your name and your institute in order to get immediate help as employee of RWTH Aachen University- the support department will be able to view your customer information, e.g. accounts and roles, at a glance.
  • Additionally, employees can benefit from an enhanced usability of the L²P service: Lecturers who are assigned to a course in CAMPUS will automatically be appointed as managers of their respective course rooms in L²P.

The following persons are involved in the linking process:

  1. The holder of the role "Organisationseinheit" (organization unit) performs the linking process or initiates it.
  2. The RWTH Aachen University employee, whose data are to be combined, receives a confirmation e-mail stating that the process has been completed or he needs to finish the initiated process himself.



If a new person is recorded by the holder of the role "Organisationseinheit" a linkage of the data from the Identity Management and CAMPUS is required.

Steps required from the role 'Organisationseinheit'

In the following manual you can find information on how to establish the link between employee data from the Identity Management and the CAMPUS organization directory according to target group. The first part treats the role "Organisationseinheit". What RWTH Aachen employees have to do for a successful link process can be found in the second part of the manual.

Role "Organisationseinheit"

The holder of the role "Organisationseinheit" can identify missing links with the help of the "sunglasses symbol"  . Please always make sure that the data from the Identity Management and CAMPUS of all of the employees of your organization unit are linked, so that all employees can benefit from the advantages.
Detailed steps:

  1. Open the web site
  2. Click on "Login für Mitarbeiter" (Login employees) in the left menu bar and log on using the role "Organisationseinheit". 
  3. Check if there are any sunglasses symbols next to an entry of a person in the list "Angehörige" (members) below the central address (Zentraladresse).
  4. Link the data of those persons listed with a sunglasses symbol next to them or initiate the linking process.

Employee list administration

If you are the holder of the role "Organisationseinheit" please initiate the linkage of employee data from CAMPUS and the Identity Management for the following persons:

  • Employees whose entries in the Identity Management and CAMPUS are not (yet) linked and
  • recently registered employees.



If you want to record a new person or change the entry of an existing person, who has not been linked to the Identity Management yet, you have to initiate the linking process in order to save the entry.

It is essential for the linking process whether

  • a) the person exists: If you want to link the data of a person who was already assigned to your organization unit click on their name (Fig. 2a) and follow the instructions given under "Verknüpfung herstellen" (establish linkage).
  • b) the person does not exist: If you want to add a new person to your organization unit, who is not yet listed in the employee list of your organization unit, click on "Neu hinzufügen" (add new ...) „Person".

There are two possibilities of assigning a person to your organization unit, if this person is not yet listed in your organization unit's employee list:

  • assigning a person who is already registered in CAMPUS

In order to assign a person who has already been registered on CAMPUS (because they are part of another organization unit) to your organization unit search for the person using the search box (see Fig. 3) and subsequently assign them to your organization unit.

  • assigning a person who is not yet registered in CAMPUS

If a new employee who has not been registered in CAMPUS is to be assigned to your organization unit, click on "Person neu erfassen" (register new person) and enter all the required personal data.

In order to establish a missing link, click on the sunglasses symbol, to be directed to the following page:

You can find two options for establishing or initiate the linking process in the lower section of this form "Anbindung an das Identitätsmanagement" (link to the Identity Management):

  • a) Entering the User ID (e.g. ab123456), RWTH-ID or matriculation number: This is the shortest, most direct way to establish the link.
    Either enter the User ID, RWTH-ID or matriculation number of the person and click on"Speichern" (save). If the linking process was completed successfully the person receives a confirmation e-mail from the CAMPUS system. The e-mail addressed stored in the CAMPUS system is used as delivery address. The linking process is therby completed.
  • b) Entering an e-mail address: If you do not know the User ID, RWTH-ID or matriculation number of the person, enter their e-mail address, at which they can be reached. Click on "Speichern" (save). Subsequently an invitation, expiring after 7 days, will be send to the entered e-mail address.

The sunglasses symbol next to the person's entry only disappears if the link has been established successfully.

Be careful if the name contains umlauts!


A direct link, using option a), is only possible if the person concerned does not have an umlaut in their name. Option b) is always available.

Deleting employees

Persons can be deleted from your organization directory at anytime by clicking the "X" in the respective row.


If you delete persons from the organization unit, they automatically lose the TIM-Campus-Link. If this is the persons' only (or last) TIM-CAMPUS-Link they automatically lose all roles for which they were authorized. If the person is still listed in another organization unit wih a respective linkage all roles, including those for your organization unit, are preserved and have to withdrawn manually by the role manager (Rollenverwalter).

Manual on how to accept an invitation (for employees)

In this section, persons whose identity and campus data have already been linked completely by the holder of the role "Organisationseinheit" and persons for which the linking process has been initiated by an invitation can find information on how to proceed. Depending on the e-mail you received the following has to be done:

Confirmation e-mail

If you receive a confirmation e-mail at the e-mail address stored in CAMPUS, your data from CAMPUS and the Identity Management (former TIM User Administration) were linked succesfully by the holder of the "organisationseinheit using your User ID (e.g. ab123456), RWTH-ID or matriculation number. You do not have to do anything else.

Invitation e-mail

If you received an invitation e-mail, the linking process for your CAMPUS and Identity Management data was initiated by the holder of the role "Organisationseinheit" of your institute. The invitation expires after seven days.

Please proceed as follows:

  1. To accept the invitation and thereby start the linking process, please click on the first link in the e-mail which directs you to the linking surface: The page "Verknüpfung Ihres Eintrags im Campus Organisationsverzeichnis mit TIM" (linking your entry in the CAMPUS organization directory to TIM) opens in your browser.
    If the page is not displayed correctly you can use the alternative link stated in the e-mail: Please enter the invitation code in the field with the same name and click on "Weiter" (continue; see Fig. 5) After this a selection page with two options is displayed.

  2. Select the option that applies to you: 
    a) User ID available: If you already have a username (format: ab123456), please use this one to link your CAMPUS and Identity Management data (s. Fig. 6, a). Continue with step three.
    If you forgot your username, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk.

    b) User ID not available (yet): You should only register and link your data, if you do not yet have a username (format: ab123456) (s. Fig. 6, b). Continue with the chapter "Register".
    If you are not sure whether you have a username or notplease contact the IT-ServiceDesk.

  3. Please enter your data in the field "User-ID" and click on "Verwenden" (use). A new page is displayed now. Here you have to enter a confirmation code.
    The confirmation code can be found in an e-mail that was sent to your e-mail address stored in the Identity Management.

  4. After entering the confirmation code you will be informed on a new page whether the linking of your CAMPUS and Identity Management data was completed succesfully. In addition to this you will receive a confirmation e-mail. After the successful confirmamtion the linking process is completed.




The contact e-mail address stored in the Identity Management can vary from the e-mail address used by the holder of the role "Organisationseinheit" to send the invitation e-mail to you.
You can view and change your contact e-mail address using the Selfservice.


If you do not yet have a User ID (e.g. ab123456) and clicked the link "hier registrieren" in Step 2 b), a new page with a form is displayed.
Please fill in the form completely so that the IT-ServiceDesk can help you in case of questions or problems. Click on "Weiter" (continue). A new page showing your password is displayed.

Note down the password. You will not receive an additional e-mail stating your password.
You are now registered in the Identity Management and your data from the Identity Management and the CAMPUS organization directory are linked.