This page offers an instruction for the VPN connection of the operating system Symbian.


For this tutorial you need to have the ”Nokia Mobile VPN Client” already installed. Current Symbian phones can download it from the Nokia Store. Older phones can no longer install this app, because there is no compatible version available in the store.

Link to App:

Step 1: Download profile

Download one of the VPN profiles and save it on your mobile phone.

"RWTH_FullTunnel.vpn" (recommended)


Open the menu and choose Office.

Nach Office wechseln

Step 2: Open the file manager

Dateimanager öffnen

Step 3: Navigate to the saved profile file and run it

Profil auswählen

Step 4: Install the VPN profile

Profil installieren

Step 5: After installation, open the menu and go to System

System auswählen

Step 6: Open the settings

Einstellungen öffnen

Step 7: Choose Connection

Verbindung auswählen

Step 8: Choose VPN

VPN auswählen

Step 9: Choose Access Point Names

Zugangspunkte auswählen

Step 10: Define a new access point

Zugangspunkt definieren

Step 11: Set the following settings

Setzen Sie nun folgende Einstellungen:

Connection name: Free to choose

VPN-policy: The currently installed profile (for example RWTH FullTunnel)

Internet access point: Select the Internet access point through which you want to connect to.

If you are prompted to select an access point, choose VPN connection.

Einstellungen setzen