What is RWTHmoodle and how can I use it?

You can get a short overview of RWTHmoodle in the following video:

Introduction to RWTHmoodle

 Why a new Learning Platform?

By the summer semester of 2019, RWTHmoodle will replace L²P as the central teaching and learning platform of the RWTH Aachen. This change will take place against the background of the Digitalization Strategy for Teaching. With this strategy, the RWTH plans to use digital teaching and learning platforms comprehensively until 2023 for its lectures in order to increase the students' success of learning and studying. This aim is only reachable with a better Blended Learning-infrastructure, which allows the teachers of the university to realize respective digital offers.

RWTHmoodle is based on the Open Source-learning platform Moodle. This platform offers a large variety of functions, which can be used for the creation of digital teaching and learning formats. The range of functions can additionally be expanded by numerous plugins.

Moodle has a large German-speaking and worldwide community. Among others as a member of the network Moodle-NRW and Moodle Users Association, the RWTH Aachen actively takes part in the communities and is in constant exchange with other universities, which also use Moodle. Moreover, the RWTH takes part in the further development of the platform through bugfixes and by developing and taking care of its own plugins.

For more information: "RWTH Aachen - Digitalization Strategy for Teaching", "Open Source-learning platform Moodle", "Moodle Users Association"

 What has changed in RWTHmoodle compared to L2P?

There is a number of clear differences between RWTHmoodle and L²P:

Structure of the Course Rooms

  • In the RWTHmoodle course rooms, all materials and learning activities are arranged by default and one below the other in topic sections. This way, the connection regarding the subject matter between the individual elements can be portrayed in a more advantageous way.

  • Apart from this, the teachers have significantly more freedom to create their course room individually. They can arrange and combine materials and learning activities which deviate from the standard in different ways. Like this, course rooms can look different.

Visibility and Download of Data

  • Each file and each activity can be imposed with preconditions, which regulate the visibility and the access. Thus, data can only be visible and available for certain groups, from a determined date on, or it can be adapted for the participants in consideration of various other conditions.
  • RWTHmoodle offers a "Download Center". This allows the download of selected data, or of all data of a course room as a ZIP-archive. Furthermore, the synchronisation software Sync-my-L2P can also be used for RWTHmoodle.

An Overview Concerning the Changes of the Course Room

  • On the right-hand side of the course room, the block "new activities" lists the last changes which have been made in a course room. Currently, all changes which have been made since the last login, or respective at the maximum of the past two days, are shown. On smaller screens, the blocks of the right-hand side of the course room are moved below the content section in the center of the page.
  • Concerning Forums and PDF Annotations, the users can also subscribe to web- or e-mail notifications. They will then be notified as soon as new questions or comments have been posted. The web notifications can be called up as a bell symbol in the top bar of the RWTHmoodle page. Both notification types are individually configurable.

Personal Profile and System Settings

  • In their "Profile", the students decide on their own whether their name and e-mail address should be visible for other students.
  • Moreover, in the personal system settings, the users determine the navigation language in which RWTHmoodle should be shown. However, teachers can set German or English as the navigation language for individual course rooms.


  • If you have any questions concerning RWTHmoodle, please turn to the IT-ServiceDesk as the first point of contact.



For more information: "Sync-my-L2P"


 How do I login and get access to the course rooms?


The RWTHmoodle learning platform is accessible via the URL:


This URL will lead you to the start page, on which you will be able to login via the Single Sign-On of the RWTH Aachen. For the registration, you need - as for RWTHonline - your central user name (e.g. ab123456) as well as the password for the RWTH Single Sign-On account.
You can change the password for this account in the Selfservice of the RWTH Aachen. In case you should not have access to the Selfservice, you can reset or ask for your user name and your password via the PasswordReset.

Access to the Course Rooms

If a lecture from RWTHonline uses a course room in RWTHmoodle, the application procedure will regulate who will get access to the course room.

Students will only get access to the course room, if they get a guaranteed place for the lecture in the application procedure. The status "Belegwunsch", "Verteilt" or "Voraussetzungen erfüllt" is not sufficient.

Guaranteed places will usually be allocated automatically. If, against all expectations, you have not yet gotten a guaranteed place, please turn to the chair which is responsible for the event. You will find the contact data in the details section of the lecture in RWTHonline.

After having received a guaranteed place, it may take until the following day until you have access to the course room. Should you not have access to the course room despite of a guaranteed place and waiting time, please contact the RWTHmoodle-Support at the IT-ServiceDesk.



For more information: "Login", "Studierende", "Selfservice""Zugangsdaten vergessen", "RWTH Single Sign-On" und "RWTHonline - Zu Lehrveranstaltungen an- und abmelden"


 Where do I find my course rooms in RWTHmoodle?

After the login via the start page https://moodle.rwth-aachen.de you will be lead to the "Dashboard". All course rooms you have access to are listed here.

The course rooms are sorted by semesters. In order to change to a different semester, please select the respective semester via the list of course rooms in the dropdown menu.

The category "Other" contains all course rooms, for which no lectures and no application procedures exist. Access to these course rooms can be granted by the managers (these are usually the lecturers of the events).

In case you do not have access to a course room - which means that it is not shown on your dashboard - please check whether you have a guaranteed place for the lecture in RWTHonline. Should there be no registration process for the course room or if you need access to a course room independently ofn RWTHonline, please turn directly to the lecturers of the event. They will be able to add you to the course room.



For more information: "Structure of RWTHmoodle", "Login", "Students", and "Add and remove participants"


 Where do I find my old L2P course rooms?

The L²P course rooms remain available via the URL https://www3.elearning.rwth-aachen.de/.

The URL is shown on the bottom right in the footer of the RWTHmoodle pages.



For more information: "Life cycle of course rooms"


 How can I use RWTHmoodle on mobile devices?

RWTHmoodle can be used via the RWTHApp or the mobile view of the website on the browser.

The RWTHApp offers access to the course rooms in RWTHmoodle and shows the available resources. However, the complete range of functions is only accessible via the mobile web view on the browser. The website uses a responsive design, which means that the design adapts to smaller screen sizes.

 If you have questions concerning the official Moodle App, which is available via various AppStores, please directly turn to the manufacturer Moodle Pty. Ltd.

For more information: "The new App of RWTH Aachen University" and "RWTHApp-Documentation"


 How can I see if materials or activities were added to a course room or were changed?

Changes of the course room can be tracked via the block "Latest Activities". In addition, you can also subscribe to so-called "System Messages" as web- or e-mail notifications for the activities "Forum" and "PDF Annotations".



The block "Latest Activities" on the right-hand side of the course room page automatically lists all updates which have been made since the last access to the course room to a maximum of the past two days. On small screens, the block is shifted to the middle of the page below the content section.

Beyond that, you can also subscribe to web- or e-mail notifications in the activities "Forum" and "PDF Annotations". You will be informed as soon as new questions or comments have been posted. The web notifications are shown behind the bell symbol in the top bar of the RWTHmoodle pages.

Other activities also send web- or e-mail notifications. However, here they serve more as a reminder or confirmation of submissions and bookings. Furthermore, in some activities the "Managers" of the course room decide whether a notification should follow or not. Then, in the settings for the "System Messages", the students can only determine the kind of notification they prefer.

In order to determine if you prefer web- or e-mail notifications, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on the bell symbol in the top bar of the page. This will oben the system news.
  • In the new window, click on the small gearwheel top right. This will open the settings page for the system messages.
  • Activate the preferred form of notification for the shown activities and incidents. The settings will be immediately valid without the need of saving them. However, some settings are blocked and cannot be changed.

 How can I download several files at once from a course room?

At the moment, there are two possibilities to download multiple or all files of a course room as a bundle: The "Download Center" and "Sync-my-L2P".


Download Center

Each course room has a so-called "Download Center". This allows you to download multiple files of a course room as a ZIP-archive all at once.

You can download:

  • individual files
  • files of students
  • Pages
  • Folders

This also includes videos, which have been saved as resources in the course room. Videos which have been embedded in the page from YouTube or via the RWTH streaming server cannot be downloaded this way.

To download files via the Download Center, proceed as follows:

  • Click "Download Center" on the left-hand side in the navigation bar.
  • Wählen Sie die gewünschten oder alle Dateien auf einmal aus. Wenn Sie einen (Themen-)Abschnitt auswählen, werden automatisch alle darin aufgelisteten Elemente ausgewählt.
  • Klicken Sie unten auf "ZIP-Archiv erstellen".

 Das ZIP-Archiv wird nun erstellt und heruntergeladen.


Die Software Sync-my-l2p ermöglicht es, alle Dateien aus L²P-Lernräumen auf den eigenen PC zu synchronisieren und offline verfügbar zu haben. Sie funktioniert auch mit RWTHmoodle. Sync-my-l2p ist eine Drittsoftware eines privaten Anbieters. Sie steht für Windows, Mac OSX und Linux zur Verfügung und kann über die Webseite https://syncmyl2p.de/ bezogen werden.


For more information: "Download Resources"


 How can I display RWTHmoodle in a different language?

In the system settings, you can select whether RWTHmoodle should be indicated in German or English.

The "managers" (these are usually the lecturers of the lectures) can also force one of both languages for the individual course rooms.



RWTHmoodle can be indicated in German or English. The language of RWTHmoodle is usually based on the language which is set in the browser.

With help of the menu bar at the top right you can change the language for the running session. You can also permanently change the language in the personal system settings.

For a permanent change of the language, please proceed as follows:

  • Click on your name at the top right.
  • Select the option "settings" in the drop-down menu.
  • Select the option "select language" in the box "user account"
  • Select the preferred language.
  • Activate the new setting with "save changes".

As long as the "managers" have not defined the language of a course room, you will see the course room in the language you have selected for the system. However, "managers" can force the course rooms to be displayed in German or English. In this case, your personal setting will not be taken into account in these course rooms.



For more information: "Language settings" and "Define course language"

 Who can see my personal data in RWTHmoodle?

In the Privacy Policy of RWTHmoodle, you can check which of your personal data is displayed for other users in RWTHmoodle. In their profile settings, students can decide themselves to whom their name and e-mail address should be displayed.



As standard, only so-called "privileged persons" can view the names and e-mail addresses of the students of a course room. This includes all "managers" and "tutors".

Students can also display their names and e-mail addresses to the other students of their course rooms.

The display can be changed as follows:

  • Click on your name at the top right.
  • Select the option "profile" in the drop-down menu.
  • Click on "edit profile" at the top right on your profile page.
  • In "General", you can change the default setting "only visible for privileged persons".
  • By clicking on "update profile" you adopt the changes.



For more information: "Display of Names and E-mail addresses" and "Privacy Policy of RWTHmoodle"


 Where do I get personal support?

Should the FAQ or the instructions cannot help you with a problem, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk.

For more information: "IT-ServiceDesk Contact & Opening times"


 Where can I leave feedback and ideas for improvements?

Please send feedback and suggestions for improvement concerning RWTHmoodle to the IT-ServiceDesk. The suggestions will be checked and forwarded to the development team of RWTHmoodle.



For more information: "IT-ServiceDesk Contact & Opening times"

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