SunHPC 2008 Seminar

Monday, March 3 - Tuesday, March 4, 2008 


followed by the first

VI-HPS Tuning Workshop

Wednesday, March 5 - Friday, March 7, 2008


Special Guest:

On Monday at 11:30 Denis Sheahan, Distinguished Engineer, Niagara Architecture Group, Sun Microsystems will talk about "Niagara 2 Architecture and Performance Overview, and a sneak peak at Victoria Falls". Niagara 2 or UltrasSPARC T2 - the official product name - is a very innovative multicore-multithreading processor from Sun Microsystems.




SunHPC 2008 Seminar:

Monday, March 3, 9:00  -  Tuesday March 4, 17:30

Wednesday, March 5, 9:00  -  Friday March 7, 12:30
Center for Computing and Communication
RWTH Aachen University
Seffenter Weg 23
52074 Aachen
Lecture Room and Lab Room 3




The SunHPC 2008 Seminar is the 8th event in a series of successful introductions into application performance tuning organized by the RWTH Aachen University and Sun Microsystems. We keep continuously changing the format a little bit over the years. This time it is combined with the first VI-HPS Tuning Workshop.

The SunHPC 2008 Seminar starts with a short overview on serial application performance tuning. This is followed by a detailed tutorial on shared memory parallelization.  After an extensive introduction into concepts related to parallelization, automatic parallelization as well as the OpenMP programming model are covered in great detail.
Through an instructor led lab there is an opportunity to try things out yourself using examples made available.

The general philosophy of the first part of the workshop is to build up understanding of key concepts that are relevant to obtain good application performance. Once this is achieved, it is much easier to use the development environment in the best possible way.

The Sun compilers, the Sun Performance Analyzer and the Sun Thread Analyzer are covered in detail. It is shown how these tools can be used to get optimal productivity and performance out of  UltraSPARC T2- and Opteron-based Sun systems.
We also briefly touch upon several third party software products, which augment the programmer's tool suite on the Sun systems.



Attendees should be comfortable with C or Fortran programming and interested in learning more about the technical details of application tuning. Although there is no special coverage of C++ and the examples are in Fortran and/or C, C++ programmers will certainly benefit from this course as well.  Prepared lab exercises will be made available to participants. These exercises have been selected to demonstrate features discussed in the presentations.
The workshop language will be English.

The participants are cordially invited to also participate in the following VI-HPS tuning workshop to gain more hands-on experience. The Sun tools are part of this workshop as well. The focus is on tuning own applications. A suitable preparation of Makefiles and small plus medium sized data sets are of course desirable.


Agenda  please download here


Social Dinner

Sun Microsystems is sponsoring a social dinner in the restaurant "Kazan" on Tuesday evening at 19:00.
See our citymap for the location.

The Costs

There is no seminar fee. All other costs (e.g. travel, hotel, and consumption) are at your own expenses.


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